Hockey NL Frequently Asked Questions as a Result of the Cancellation of the 2019-2020 Season Due to Covid-19


Hockey NL Frequently Asked Questions as a Result of the Cancellation of the 2019-2020 Season Due to Covid-19


If there is a change, will you re-start the 2019-20 season?
Unfortunately, the 2019-20 season is cancelled.

What are sanctioned activities?
Sanctioned activities include all games, playoffs, try-outs, practices, camps, high performance programs, team activities, and Provincial, Regional, and National Championships.

What does “until further notice” mean?
The 2019-20 season is cancelled. The cancellation may extend beyond 2019-20. The Hockey Canada Board will decide when sanctioned hockey will resume in Canada.

Does the cancellation of the season also mean our team can’t practice?
All practices are cancelled.

Does the cancellation of the season also mean a parent/coach can’t rent the ice for a group?
Yes, all activities must stop.

Does the cancellation of the season also mean our team can’t fundraise?
All fundraisers are cancelled.

Does the cancellation mean we can’t have a year-end banquet or team social?
Unfortunately, you can’t hold either of these types of events.

Does the cancellation of the season also mean an association, league or team executive are prohibited from meeting?
Yes, all activities are cancelled at this time. If meetings need to occur, they would have to be done by conference call, video, or WebEx.

Does this impact all hockey participants in Canada?
No, it only impacts participants who are registered through Hockey Canada and Hockey NL.

What does this mean for non-sanctioned hockey?
Non-sanctioned and Private Hockey operates outside of Hockey Canada’s bylaws and regulations. If they continue to operate, they would be doing so of their own accord. There is no insurance or liability coverage for any coach, player or official who participates in non-sanctioned hockey. Game officials must remove both Hockey NL and Hockey Canada Crests.

What does this mean for Adult Recreation hockey?
All Adult Recreation Hockey teams that register with Can-Lan will also cease to operate for the remainder of the season. Adult Recreation Hockey teams that are not affiliated with Can-Lan would fall under the non-sanctioned hockey category.

What does this mean for Hockey NL High Performance Program?
Hockey NL has closed the registration for High Performance Programs and will communicate directly to those registrants in relation to their fees. Any interested participant who did not register before the close, will have an opportunity to register should it be safe, allowed and feasible to have a program sometime this year.

What does this mean for Hockey Canada Atlantic Regional Championships next year?
All provinces who were scheduled to host the 2020 Championships will now host the 2021 Championships.

Are associations and teams permitted to collect jerseys?
We recommend that any equipment being returned MUST be washed and cleaned prior to return. You consider that at this time to reduce contact with other people and the risk of disease spread, you make a list of who has what jersey and have a return time once the crisis has abated.

Are associations permitted to collect goaltender equipment?
We suggest that people clean, dry and store the gear away for a period of at least thirty (30) days to ensure that there is no transmission to another individual. You also consider making a list and have a return once the crisis has abated.