Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador is pleased to announce the coaching staff’s for this year’s High Performance Program, as well as the 2016 QMJHL Excellence Challenge.

The Male Under 14, Male Under 15, Female Under 16 and Female Under 18 teams will compete against the provincial teams from Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick at the Atlantic Challenge Cup, held October 9th – 12th in Moncton, NB.  The Male Under 16 team will face off against NB, PEI, NS and two teams from Quebec at the QMJHL Excellence Challenge which will be held in May 2016, at a location yet to be determined.

Some new changes to the program this year include support roles for the trainer and goaltending staff.  Also, new age divisions for the Female program, previously the divisions were under 15 & 17, the new format will be under 16 & 18.


Male Under 14:

Head Coach:                                     Wally Bray

Assistant Coach:                              Chris Crosbie

Assistant Coach:                              Jeff Brewer

Trainer:                                             Tyler Cavanaugh

Support Trainer:                             Robert Cahill

Director of Operations:                 Gerry Wicks

Goaltender Coach:                         Mike O’Brien

Support Goaltender Coach:         Travis Wilkins


Male Under 15:

Head Coach:                                     Don Roche

Assistant Coach:                              Nelson Bennett

Assistant Coach:                              Brad Yetman

Trainer:                                             David Roper

Support Trainer:                             Michael Cutler

Director of Operations:                 Mike Scott

Goaltender Coach:                         Chad Brinson

Support Goaltender Coach:         Jeff Murphy


Male Under 16:

Head Coach:                                     Trevor Budgell

Assistant Coach:                              Patrick Yetman Jr.

Assistant Coach:                              David Hutchens

Trainer:                                             Andrew Stagg

Support Trainer:                             Mike Pollard

Director of Operations:                 Gerry Wicks

Goaltender Coach:                         Jeff Murphy

Support Goaltender Coach:         Chad Brinson


Female Under 16:

Head Coach:                                     Meghan Frizzell

Assistant Coach:                              Nick Miller

Assistant Coach:                              Sara Diamond

Trainer:                                             Jennifer Noseworthy

Support Trainer:                             TBD

Director of Operations:                 Deidre Patey

Goaltender Coach:                         Sarah Shannon

Support Goaltender Coach:         Nancy Caines


Female Under 18:

Head Coach:                                    Jennifer Pollett

Assistant Coach:                              Linda Massie

Assistant Coach:                              Dean Ralph

Trainer:                                             Rebecca Gladney

Support Trainer:                             TBD

Director of Operations:                 TBD

Goaltender Coach:                         Nancy Caines

Support Goaltender Coach:         Sarah Shannon