Hockey NL MHA Information

As discussed at the Hockey NL Fall Meetings/IP Grassroots Seminar, an information page has been created to display and share the information to all of our Minor Hockey Associations:

  • IP/Novice FAQ/Overview: This page assists to answer questions/concerns, with regards to the changes in IP & Novice Hockey. Also includes information on where you can purchase small nets, dividers and boards.


  • LTPD Seasonal Charts: The Long Term Player Development Seasonal charts in place for IP and Novice to provide examples of proper season structure for specific age development. As as directive from HNL Minor,  MHA’s are to follow these guidelines as well as the proper equipment for each age level i.e. Blue Pucks, Smaller Net Sizes etc.


  • Initiation Program Handout: This handout was developed to list the many benefits/fundamentals of cross ice hockey and small area development for our young players. We suggest to MHAs to print this hand out and post in your rinks as well as distribute to parents in your respective Initiation Programs.




  • Initiation Program Mentorship Map – This outline shows the IP Mentors in place for each MHA. If the association is in a white block the mentor will make a visit on-site to the MHA (once), if not the Mentor will make phone contact in three phases to run through the IP checklist. This is put in place to assist the MHA’s in the growth and support of their Initiation Program.


  • Initiation Program Mentor Check List – This checklist will be used by the HNL IP Mentors when working with their assigned MHA’s. The IP Mentor will work with MHA IP directors and/or MHA president to ensure each need on the checklist is met, and also to provide support in areas that need improvement/guidance. The contact with MHA will happen in three phases as indicated on the Mentor Checklist.




  • IP Parent/MHA Messenger Guide: This document is designed to support a variety of personnel (facilitators, MHA Presidents, IP Directors) anyone who is responsible for delivering the IP Parent Messenger Presentation to parents, coaches and minor hockey executives. Be sure to review this document prior to giving the IP Parent/MHA Messenger Presentation.


  • Junior Coaching Program: Created to assist MHA’s in getting young coaches involved (ages 16-20) at the IP Level, we will pay for the in-class portion of a maximum 5 coaches per season over the next two seasons. Visit the Junior Coaching Program link for more details on this program.


  • Dr. Stephen Norris Grassroots Presentation: Sport scientist Dr. Stephen Norris presented to the HNL membership at the 2016 fall meetings. Dr. Norris, presented on the proper development in grassroots programming for young hockey players/athletes. In this video link Dr. Norris presents to Hockey Manitoba with that familiar message. This is a must watch for all those involved in Minor Hockey – Enjoy!


  • Hockey Canada Network APP PDF Information: The Hockey Canada Network APP is the ultimate drill resource for coaches. Includes ALL skill manuals, videos etc. displayed in a simple format for coaches of any level to follow. This PDF gives a brief overview of the APP & the discount code for MHA’s to purchase a reduce of $25 per APP for the full year. Discount code for 50% off: HCCERT2019



  • Team Hub: Is the ultimate FREE tool for all hockey managers, we encourage all managers to sign up today. Organization for managers has never been easier!


  • Hockey Canada Drill Hub: A FREE web based coaching tool with tons of drills and more, please encourage all coaches to register to free!










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