Hosting Overview & Application

What is Hockey Canada’s Skills Development Camp?

Hockey Canada’s Skills Program is part of Hockey Canada’s Skills Development Series – The Official Hockey Instructional Curriculum of Hockey Canada.

The Hockey Canada Skills Development Program is all about development opportunities for both players and coaches. Fundamental skill development is the primary focus of the program; ensuring players receive the necessary learning opportunities to further enhance their skill base.

The Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps for players focus on learning:

  • Fundamental Skills (skating, shooting, passing, goal-tending)
  • Fair Play
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Fitness

In the Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps, players will have FUN while receiving professional instruction in a positive environment!

These camps were developed to provide players with the opportunity to enhance their skills in a positive learning environment. The primary focus of the camp is centred around on-ice fundamental skills, with off-ice time scheduled for life skill enhancement in areas such as respect, fitness, and teamwork. Also included are off-ice fitness sessions including team games involving team work, proper stretching and nutrition tips.

The Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps are designed for the recreational player and have the following objectives:

  • To develop/enhance the fundamental skills of skating, passing, stick handling, and shooting.
  • To create opportunity for players to meet other players and develop friendships.
  • To promote the fun of the game.
  • To teach the concepts of fair play, fitness, safety, team work, and the importance of a positive attitude.
  • To provide a memorable experience for all who attend.

Qualified instructors from Hockey Canada and from Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador will lead the on-ice portion at each camp. Their role will be to assist with the fundamental skill development of each player, and to share coaching tips with your local Minor Hockey Association coaches who will be in attendance as guest coaches.

The Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps provide players with an experience that they will not soon forget!

Why should your local Minor Hockey Association host a Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp?

  • Great opportunity for players and local coaches to be surrounded by an atmosphere of learning and FUN!
  • The hosting of one of these camps is a very wise investment for your association. Not only will the players and coaches of your association be enriched by this experience, but your entire association will benefit from the hosting of one of these Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps.
  • The Hockey Canada Skills Camps instruct individuals about becoming a better hockey player, the program also instructs players on becoming better individuals.
  • Not only will players develop through the Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp, but local coaches will also have the opportunity to be a part of this camp and improve their skills and knowledge as well. This experience will again help your association because there will be coaches with more knowledge going back to coach the players involved in your association.
  • On the evening before the event, our Hockey Canada certified instructors will come into your community and host a clinic or info session for all local coaches. This clinic can be chosen from a list of Specialty Clinics that have been designed to address the different issues that coaches and players are facing in today’s game. A minimum number of coaches will be required for these coaching clinics to take place.
  • The Host Association would receive different instructional aides that can be used to help those involved with the local minor hockey association. Hockey Canada Skills Manuals and other valuable resources and information packages will be given to your association to aide in the development of your association.
  • The Host Association will be provided with a Hockey Canada Apparel Package (jersey, water bottle, posters) to showcase during their season registration session. This will help promote the camps and attract attention to the event in your area. As well, each host association will be presented with a Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp Banner which can be displayed in your arena to show your commitment to development. Your association will also be provided with a Hockey Canada tracksuit or other Hockey Canada items to raffle and generate funds for your associations’ development programs.

This one day camp will benefit your association for years to come. Your one day investment will lead to years of enjoyment for all players and coaches that are a part of your association.

What is your association responsible for when hosting a Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp?

As a host association for a Hockey Canada Skills Development Clinic, you will have certain responsibilities to ensure that this clinic is a success. However, these responsibilities will be far outweighed by the benefits that your association will receive from being a host of the Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp.

As a host association, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Registration Process: Your local association under the leadership of the community lead will be responsible for ensuring that all players are registered for the clinic. We will be accepting ninety (90) players in the camp (minimum of 20 in each group and a maximum of 30 in a group). There is a registration fee of $60.00 per player. This fee will cover their camp costs such as instructors’ meals and travel, Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp Hockey Jersey and other items (water bottle, dog tags) which will be supplied by Hockey Canada. Each association will be responsible for collecting all monies and providing to Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador prior to the event. As well, each player must complete a player medical form prior to participating in the camp depending on their status within their respected association. I.e. Participants do not need to be registered through an association to participate in a Hockey Canada Skills Camp but they will be required to submit a Hockey Canada medical form.
  • Ice Time: As the host association, you will be responsible for booking the ice time for the camp. We ask that you get the same rate per hour, as you would get when you book ice time for your minor hockey association. Please see operations manual of hosting requirements to aide you in the planning and booking of equipment and facilities.
  • Any facilities (off-ice), video equipment rentals, etc. are to be booked by the Host Committee in advance so that the camp will be run in a professional and effective manner. These bookings should be made when camp dates are confirmed to ensure that facilities and rentals are available. Please see operations manual in reference to off-ice facilities which will be needed.
  • An important part of these camps is the promotion and ensuring that all players in your association and neighbouring associations are aware of the Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp. We will provide promotional items for your use and we ask you to ensure that promotional aides are distributed in order for your association to promote this camp as much as possible.
  • As part of your hosting this event, you will be given the opportunity to have local coaches be a part of the Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp, so that they may also be given the opportunity to be a part of this program and learn from some of the best coaches in your region. All coaches must be certified and fit the description of a Hockey Canada Camp Coach as provided in your Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp Hosting Manual.
  • A member of Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador will work with your community lead to assist with preparations for the camp.

Note: Hosts may not have access of all facilities/ resources and therefore Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador allows flexibility with adjustments in order to accommodate the host in offering a camp.

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