EHockey/Hockey University Sign UP

EHOCKEY/Hockey University is your direct access to your Hockey Canada Profile. Once you register into EHOCKEY you can view all of your Coaching Qualifications, past and current teams you have been involved with either as a player or coach, Officiating Qualifications and you are able to register for Coaching & Officiating Clinics.
Hockey University Online – EHOCKEY LOG IN:
1. Create new account – CLICK HERE – Don’t have an account?
2. Or use your log in – CLICK HERE – I already have an account.


1. Click on the Hockey University course needed
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Coaching or Checking
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 2. Your internet browser will open to the selected Course.
3. Scroll to the bottom and select NA in the applicable hockey division
4. Select Next
5. Follow the Directions from this point to either Create a New Account or Log in to an existing account into EHOCKEY.
6. On your EHOCKEY Home Page under ‘Actions’ Click  – View.
7. On your Participant Profile Page scroll down to ‘Clinics’
8. Under Clinics – Click the course name to begin i.e. *HU – ONLINE Coach 1/2 – *HU – ONLINE Officiating 1/2 – *HU – ONLINE Safety