TO:  All Hockey NL Members

DATE:  January 18, 2024


This past December 2023, Minor Council of Hockey NL implemented a change to the timing of the handshake sign of respect to the pregame time slot to coincide with that of coaches and officials. Since this change, there has been considerable conversation generated about the shifting of the event with feedback coming from multiple sources, but most importantly our internal stakeholders and Members. Some of the communication has been constructive, generating good discussion and debate about the issue and of the challenge with post-game altercations.

Minor Council has been monitoring and evaluating positive and negative impacts of the change in practice since its inception, gathering available information in its ongoing role of reducing risk to all Members of our programming.

Based on the information gathered thus far and conversations with stakeholders and Members, Minor Council will allow the return of post game handshakes.  We would remind members that associations, leagues, tournament hosts, and officials have the discretion to prohibit the post game handshake when required. Hockey NL will continue to monitor the process and look for ways to improve the safety of all Members of our programming.

Thank you for your continued work and volunteering with hockey in Newfoundland and Labrador.