February 21, 2024



4 players, 3 builders and 1 media among the lists



Hockey NL is excited to announce 8 new members into the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame for the year 2023.   Honored members were selected by the Hockey NL Hall of Fame Selection Committee.   “The eight new members of our Hall represent a wide range of accomplishments that have had a significant impact on our game,” says Arnold Kelly, Chair of the Hockey NL Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  “The selection committee had many excellent nominations as is evident by such a great group of hockey people entering the hall this year and we sincerely congratulate them and their families.” 

The 2023 inductees are:

  • Andy Brake in the Builder Category
  • Tolson Chapman in the Player Category
  • Ray Dalton in the Player Category
  • Ivan Hapgood in the Builder Category
  • Carl Lake (posthumously) in the Media Category
  • Frazer Russell in the Builder Category
  • Terry Ryan Jr in the Player Category
  • Tracy Sullivan in the Player Category

Biographies for each of the inductees can be found below.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame was established in 1994 to recognize, honor and pay tribute to all individuals based on playing ability, sportsmanship, and character and who have achieved extraordinary distinction in hockey whether that distinction be achieved in amateur or professional hockey.  Hockey NL has a permanent home for all inductees at the Corner Brook Civic Centre in Corner Brook.  The hall displays inductees, historical trophies and artifacts of the provincial association which was established in 1935.  With the addition of the new members, the total number of inductees now stands at 214.

Hockey NL will honor the new class of inductees at the Hockey NL Annual General Meeting Induction Ceremony on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the Albatross Hotel in Gander, NL.

Hall of Fame Inductee Biographies for 2023

The Inductees

Andy Brake of Deer Lake has been the backbone of Deer Lake Red Wings hockey for over three decades and has served on provincial hockey senior and adult hockey councils and committees for more than 10 years.  He was the general manager in 1996 with the Veitch Memorial Champion Deer Lake Red Wings, the community’s only provincial junior championship.  He made his mark in the hockey circles when he started the senior hockey team in Deer Lake in 1997.  Deer Lake went on to win two Herders under Andy’s leadership and many league championship titles.  After his local and provincial volunteer commitment, he went on to becoming President of the West Coast and Central West, respective senior hockey leagues.

Tolson Chapman of St. John’s has a love for many sports. He played hockey on a provincial, national, and international level, including playing against the Russian Olympic Team, playing with the St. John’s Caps taking home many championship titles, and trying out for the Chicago Blackhawks. As a result of his love for sports, Tolson is in the Sport NL Hall of Fame, the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame, the NL Baseball Hall of Fame, the NL Tennis Hall of Fame, the St. John’s Basketball Hall of Fame, the Athlete of the Decade in the 1970s, and St. John’s Athlete of the Year in 1958 and 1966.

Ray Dalton of Witless Bay has played hockey on both a national and provincial level. On a national level, Ray played in the Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and the Maritime Hockey League. He has won numerous trophies, such as the Jean-Rogeau Trophy for most regular season points. But it is on the provincial senior hockey level that Ray Dalton shined. Ray played 16 seasons in the provincial senior hockey circuit with several teams. He won the Herder three times and received the S. E. Tuma listed as a top scorer from 2007-2008 and rookie of the year in 2001. Ray has won high school 4A’s twice and has five different provincial championship titles.  Ray Dalton was known as a big game player in the province during his tenure. His size, skating skills and powerful shot placed him at the top among his peers.

Ivan Hapgood of Arnolds Cove has taken on roles as a player and an administrator for over 50 years. As a goaltender, Ivan won numerous intermediate championships, won four awards and two MVP titles. Ivan has also been named Provincial Senior Coach of the Year and received the Charlie McCarthy Memorial Award, along with many others. Ivan has led many teams to great victories both on and off the ice. He was part of four Herder Trophies and led the Clarenville Caribous to the 2011 Allan Cup National Championship, the second in NL history.

The late Carl Lake of St. John’s had a long and varied career that took him from reporting news and sports to the steps of government and back again. Carl’s career in journalism started in 1968 as a newcomer reporter for the Daily News. From there he turned his attention to television. He joined CJON-TV in 1972 and then moved to CBC Here & Now as a sports reporter in 1978. Carl was a lover of all sports and dedicated a great portion of his life to them.

Frazer Russell of Clarenville had a love for many sports in his hometown of Clarenville for nearly 50 years. During that time his vision, leadership, dedication and hard work in minor, high school, junior, intermediate and senior hockey were unparalleled in the Clarenville area and resulted in outstanding growth in the game of hockey in all categories. NL minor hockey, over ten years, he held positions as treasurer, stadium canteen manager, midget division chairperson, Midget all-star coach, and minor hockey referee-in-chief. In 1974, Frazer became assistant coach of the Clarenville Junior Caribous which in that year defeated the powerful Gander Junior Flyers in a four-goal come-from-behind victory to claim a gold medal at the first Newfoundland and Labrador Winter Games.  Frazer was instrumental in obtaining and delivering the 2015 Allan Cup Championship in his hometown of Clarenville.

Terry Ryan Jr. of Mount Pearl was regarded as one of the finest talents in Newfoundland and Labrador, with notable size, speed, and skill. It was the primary reason the Ryan family elected to make a bold decision to move to British Columbia, to allow young Terry – son of Hockey NL Hall of Famer Terry Ryan Sr. – to play a higher caliber of hockey. In the WHL, Terry had 50 goals, 60-assists and 110-points in the 1994-95 season that stands as a career highlight. He has won numerous awards such as the Herder and the McKenzie Cup. He also received the S. E Tuma as top score in 2007 while playing for his hometown Mount Pearl Blades.  Ryan was selected eighth overall in the 1995 National Hockey League draft by the Montreal Canadians and played seven years of professional hockey.

Tracy Sullivan of St. John’s started playing hockey at 14 years old after eight years of figure skating. Her impact on the game was immediate. She was a main contributor to the Southern Shore Girls team she played on, and she attended the female U18 Atlantic’s for the first of three consecutive seasons of minor hockey, helping her team bring home a silver, gold, and silver medal in those years. She has won numerous awards on both a provincial and national level on both men’s and women’s teams such as the Metro League Scoring title, MVP of the STFX X-Women, and numerous titles of AUS Athlete of the Week.   She was second on her team in scoring when she competed in the 1999 Canada Winter Games that were held in Corner Brook.


Members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame are:



Player — Frank “Andy” Cahill, Alex Faulkner, George Faulkner, Doug Grant

Athlete/Builder — Jack Reardigan, Terry Trainor

Builder — Msgr. George Bartlett, Robert S. Furlong, Don Johnson, Brian Wakelin



Player — Jack Faulkner, Jim “Bucky” Hannaford, Joe Lundrigan, John Murphy, Bill Scott

Athlete/Builder — Joe Byrne, Roger Howse, Hugh Wadden

Builder — Walter Clarke, Carl Hansen, Harold Hillier, Vince Rossiter, T.A. “Gus” Soper



Player — Frank “Danky” Dorrington, Al Dwyer Jr., Frank Finlayson, Robert Petrie, Frank Walker

Athlete/Builder — Herbert Augustus “Gus” Herder

Builder — Claude Anstey, Cliff Gorman



Player — Stan Breen, Cal Dunville, Hugh Fardy

Builder — Eric Dawe, Ron Taaffe



Player — Watson John “Wats” Goobie, Wilson “Copper” Leyte, Harry “Moose” Watson

Builder — George “Daddy” Dawe, Sam Rose



Player — Charlie Cahill, Mike Kelly, Bill Martin, Leo Murphy

Athlete/Builder — Walt Davis

Builder — Arthur Johnson

Media — Bob Cole



Player — George Connors, Jimmy Dawe, Zane Forbes, Merv Green, Don Howse, Jim Kennedy,

Ed Philpott, Terry Ryan Sr., Harold Stanley

Athlete/Builder — Bob Badcock

Builder — Neil Amadio, Peter Duffy, Ambrose O’Reilly, William Parrott

Media — John M. Tobin



Player — Terry Gilliam, Rob Gladney, Jim Temple

Athlete/Builder — Rick Babstock

Builder — Mel Andrews, Charlie McCarthy

Media — John Mayo



Player — Randy Pearcey, Jim Penney, Tony White

Athlete/Builder — Ray Bowe

Builder — Ron Healey

Female — Colleen Tapper

Media — George MacLaren


Player — Ian Campbell, Brian Gibbons, Ernie Hynes, Dick Power

Athlete/Builder — Joe Maynard, Gerry Taylor

Builder — Don Walsh

Female — Glennis (Thorne) Thomey

Media — Joe Mullins



Player — Ted Gillies, Jimmy Guy, Hubert Hutton, Gerry Lahey, Cyril Power

Athlete/Builder — Stan Cook

Builder — Claude Browne, Howie Meeker, Wayne Mercer, Mike Squires



Player — Bill Breen, Roger Dean, Bern Fitzpatrick, Alfie Hiscock, Andy Sullivan

Athlete/Builder — Wes “Bucko” Trainor

Builder — Frank Moores

Female — Debby Power



Player — Nigel Facey, Roger Kennedy, Doug Squires

Builder — Francis Wiseman

Media — Don Gibbon



Player — Mike Anderson, Alex Blanchard, Leo Kane, Harry Katrynuk

Builder — Len Butt, Gerry Kelly

Media — Bill Callahan



Player — Eg Billard, Jake Critch, Clar Goulding

Athlete/Builder — Ed O’Brien

Builder — Wayne Russell



Player — Al Bargery, Ford Metcalfe, Ed Oates

Media — John Murphy



Player — Jim Grant, Art Hamlyn, Ed Lawrence

Media — Bruce MacDonald



Player — Kirk Johnson, Ed O’Quinn

Builder — David Brazil, George Fardy

Media — Dee Murphy



Player — Bert Brake

Athlete/Builder — Jim Hornell Sr.

Builder — Jim Hayward, Danny Williams



Player — Ron Cadigan, Len Coughlan, Wayne Faulkner, Todd Stark

Athlete/Builder — Art Barry

Builder — Michael Dinn



Player — Clobie Collins, J.C. Garneau, John Slaney

Builder — Marv Ryder, Glenn Stanford, Leo Rose



Player — Darren Colbourne, Darren Langdon, Dwayne Norris

Builder — Jim Hornell Jr., Rosemary Marshall, Ken Williams



Player — Charlie Babstock, Juan Strickland

Builder — Wally Dalley

Media — Brian Rogers



Player — Glenn Critch, Michael Ryder, Ed Kearsey

Athlete/Builder — Darryl Williams, Derek Clancey

Builder — Kevin “Fox” Fagan



Player — Ryane Clowe, Dan Cormier, Jim Heale, Kevin Morrison, Cec Thomas

Athlete/Builder — Bob Jackman

Builder — Bonnie Evans




Player — Sheldon Currie, Pat Dempsey, Harold Druken, Bob O’Neill

Builder — Dec LaCour



Player — Daniel Cleary, Tony Cuomo, Charlie Greene, Jack Hill, Teddy Purcell, Mac Tucker

Athlete/Builder – Chris Peach, Mark Robinson

Builder – Don Kelly

Media – Brendan McCarthy



Player — Sandy Gibbons, Colin Greening, Jason King, Dave Matte, Adam Pardy

Builder – Randy Browne, Jim Hare, Bob Molloy



Player — Brian Casey, Steve Cleary, Kirby Dumaresque

Athlete/Builder – Dennis Laing, Rebecca Russell

Builder – Jack Casey, Paul Glavine, Joe Lane

Media – Robin Short



Player — Tolson Chapman, Ray Dalton, Terry Ryan Jr., Tracy Sullivan

Builder — Andy Brake, Ivan Hapgood, Frazer Russell

Media — Carl Lake


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