HPP Fitness Testing Overview

  1. Horizontal Jump

Purpose: Lower Body/Explosive Power

Overview:  The athlete stands behind a line marked on the ground with feet slightly apart. A two foot take-off and landing is used, with swinging of the arms and bending of the knees to provide forward drive. The subject attempts to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet without falling backwards. Two attempts are allowed & highest scored. Scored from back of heels on landing spot.

2. Seated Medicine Ball Toss (8 Pound Ball)

Purpose: Upper Body Power 

Overview: The test will measure upper body strength and explosive power. Athlete sits on the floor with legs fully extended and back up against the wall. Feet will be 24 inches apart, hand position; ball is held with the hands on the side, back of ball against the centre of chest, forearms are positioned parallel to the ground. Athlete throws/pushes the medicine ball as far as possible while maintaining position of back against the wall, legs on the ground extended etc. Distance to the wall from where the ball lands is recorded. Each athlete will receive two throws, the highest score being recorded.


3. Leger Test (Beep Test)

Purpose: Endurance/Aerobic Testing

Overview: The Leger test is a multi-stage test of aerobic fitness. The run consists of athletes running back and forth in a 20 metre distance, the athlete will listen to a series of ‘beeps’ on what to go and when to stop. Athletes will receive one warning if they do not cross line before the beep, if they are warned again they will finish with the last recorded beep prior to the warning. All athletes will run through the Leger test once.