Eagle Goalsticks Ruling

The Hockey Canada Equipment Review Committee has reviewed a goal stick which is currently being marketed by EAGLE.

This design has been ruled illegal as per Hockey Canada playing rule 21 (a) which states:

All sticks (including goaltender’s sticks) may be of wood, fiberglass or aluminum and/or any other material approved by Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors. They must not have any projections, pockets, netting or other similar contrivance designed to give the player or goaltender undue assistance in the playing of the game. A Minor penalty shall be assessed to any player including the goaltender, for using a stick which does not conform to the provisions of this rule. Please note that the ruling of the Hockey Canada Equipment Review Committee has been rendered as the design contravenes this playing rule.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact myself at (403) 777-4587.

Todd Anderson Manager, Officiating 2424 University Drive NW Calgary, Alberta T2N 3Y9
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