On behalf of the Northern Bantam AAA Huskies team staff, we are pleased to announce the roster for the 2012-2013 season.

Shane Hynes (G)

Josh Ramey (G)

Kristopher Bird (F)

Michael Brown (F)

Matthew Grouchy (F)

Christian Kelly (F)

Brendon Learning (F)

Tye Poirier (F)

Brett Reid (F)

Marcus Rose (F)

Nicholas Taylor (F)

Adam Anderson (D)

Andrew Clements (D)

Kolby Coombs (D)

Jared Martin (D)

Cody Normore (D)

Dalton Saunders (D)

Alex Delaney (ALT)

Ryan Lilly (ALT)

Darrell Martin (HC)

Wade Coombs (AC)

Todd Grouchy (M/T)

Marylou Battcock (DOP)

Team staff would like to congratulate it’s team members and thank you to all players that tried out.

Good luck to all the Bantam AAA teams for the 2012-13 season.