Often on a hit-or-miss basis, junior hockey was played in a variety of locations in Newfoundland and Labrador, during different periods of time, prior to the first provincial championship in 1953. This level of hockey enjoyed various degrees of success.

Teams from St. John’s own the most wins on the Trophy with 14 victories. Grand Falls won the Trophy seven times, while Gander has five titles. Bell Island has three Trophy wins. Corner Brook emerged as winners twice, with Buchans, Deer Lake and Mount Pearl each having one victory.

Interspersed within the history of the Trophy are 14 seasons with “no competition”. There was a run of “no competition” for seven seasons between 1988 and 1994.

The championship Veitch Memorial Trophy was actually presented to the Newfoundland Amateur Hockey Association by the Buchans Social and Athletic Club in 1951 in memory of three Veitch brothers.

Originally, the Trophy remembered Cyril Veitch, a St. John’s native who served on the NAHA executive, was a great hockey enthusiast and died in December 1949. Later John Veitch, another Buchans player, was added to the Trophy and even later, the name of Phillip Veitch, who also played hockey for Buchans, was also added to the Trophy.

For two seasons, the Joe Byrne Trophy was awarded to the provincial junior B champions. The Grand Falls Cataracts took the Byrne Trophy in 1991 and the St. John’s Junior 50’s took the Byrne Trophy in 1992. It should be noted there was no junior A competition in both years.

Grand Falls defeated Buchans 16-2 and 11-2 to take Central Division. Alex Faulkner, 16 years old, had five goals in each game, including three in 25 seconds in the first game.

Gander defeated Bay Roberts 5-4 and 5-4 to win Central Division. Bay Roberts won second game 6-5 in overtime.
Grand Falls defeated Gander 14-1 and 8-1 to take the crown. Bell Island had a bye into finals.

Bell Island were Eastern winners, defeating St. John’s 9-8 in overtime at Bell Island.
Bell Island defeated Grand Falls 5-6 and XXX to take title. Grand Falls won the second game 4.2

The St. John’s Capitals defeated the host Grand Falls club 4-3 to win the 1956 provincial junior title and the Veitch Memorial Trophy. St. John’s won the first game 7-3.

The first professional coach in the history of St. John’s hockey was Phil Vitalio who failed to return to the city after his Christmas holidays at his home in Ontario. He worked with the junior Caps for November and two weeks in December. Hugh Fardy took over the team in Januray. Members of winning team included Pat Barrington, Ron Skirving,Bill Norcott, Gerry Hancock,. Len Coughlan, Cy Hoskins, Howie Young, Charlie Walsh, Tom Murphy, Harold Ryan, Lloyd Cooke, Ray Bowe, Bill Gillies, Bud Duffett, Doug Squires, Damien Ryan, Stan Breen, coach Hugh Fardy, and manager Bob Morrissey.

St. John’s beat Bell Island 9-1 and 4-3 to gain berth in finals.

Grand Falls defeated Corner Brook 12-2 and 12-0 to gain berth in finals.

In their sixth-straight playoff victory, Grand Falls defeated St. John’s 7-5 and 5-4 to capture the Veitch.
Members of winning team included Kevin Dean, Ronnie Rose, Pat Corbin, Jim Temple, Timmy Hines, Doug Budgell, Warren Eastman, Al Edwards, Bob Snow, Dave Way, Reg Ryan, Cliff Jesseau, Eric Cumby, Ralph Cook, Jim Barker, Ed Power, Roger Dean and coach Wes Trainor.

St. John’s defeated Grand Falls 3-2 and 3-2 to take title at Grand Falls. The winners of the Veitch Memorial Trophy as provincial junior hockey champions are:

1953 – Grand Falls
1954 – Grand Falls
1955 – Bell Island
1956 – St. John’s
1957 – Grand Falls
1958 – St. John’s
1959 – St. John’s
1960 – Grand Falls
1961 – St. John’s
1962 – Grand Falls
1963 – St. John’s
1964 – No Competition
1965 – St. John’s
1966 – Corner Brook
1967 – No Competition
1968 – No Competition
1969 – Grand Falls
1970 – St. John’s
1971 – St. John’s
1972 – Buchans
1973 – Gander
1974 – Gander
1975 – Gander
1976 – No Competition
1977 – Corner Brook
1978 – No Competition
1979 – Grand Falls
1980 – St. John’s Blue Caps
1981 – Gander Flyers
1982 – St. John’s Celtics
1983 – Gander Flyers
1984 – St. John’s Junior 50’s
1985 – St. John’s Junior 50’s
1986 – Mount Pearl Blades
1987 – St. John’s Junior 50’s
1988 – No Competition
1989 – No Competition
1990 – No Competition
1991 – No Competition
1992 – No Competition
1993 – No Competition
1994 – No Competition
1995 – St. John’s Celtics
1996 – Deer Lake Video Juniors
1997 – Bell Island Junior Blues
1998 – Bell Island Junior Blues
1999 – No Competition
2000 – Conception Bay North
2001 – Junior Celtics
2002 – St. John’ Jr. Capitals
2003 – D.F. Barnes Jr. Celtics
2004 – No Competition
2005 – Trinity Placentia Jr. Flyers
2006 – CB North Stars
2007 – Bell Island Junior Blues
2008 – Junior Celtics
2009 – St. John’s Junior Caps
2010 – St. John’s Junior Caps
2011 – Junior Celtics
2012 – St. John’s Junior Caps
2013 – St. John’s Junior Caps
2014 – No Competition