I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all players who showed great interest in trying out for this year 2014/15 Central Minor Midget Team.  With the amount of skill and hard work displayed at our try outs, picking this years team was not an easy task.

This years team selection for the 2014/15 Roster for the Central Thunder AAA Minor Midget Division:

Liam Hynes – GFW
Matt Peyton – GFW

Nick Callahan – Pelley’s Island
Nick Field – Gander
Riley Hodder – Gander
Frazer Hancock – Hr. Breton
Conor O’Driscoll – GFW
Christian Pelley – Springdale

Marc Blanchard – GFW
Casey Hancock – Gander
Alex Hodder – Gander
Tanner Inder – Springdale
Brad Manuel – GFW
Blair Penney – Fogo
John Rideout – Triton
Norm Roberts – Bishop’s Falls
Alex Ryan – Gander
Zack Sampson – GFW
Adam Sceviour – Gander