TO:           All Minor Hockey Associations and Leagues

FROM:       Gonzo Bennett, Chair, Minor Council Executive Committee, Hockey NL

Cc:            Hockey NL Minor Council Executive Committee

DATE:        February 16, 2023


U9 End of season transition:

The end of season transition from U9 to U11 allows for a maximum of 8 hours of full ice for graduating U9’s only. This eight-hour program must be a minimum of 50% for practices and 50% for games. This is not intended to replace your regular U9 program and should start no earlier than March 1, 2023.

U9 Select:

  • U9 Select is a year-end event near the end of March or April, depending on the Easter break.
  • U9 Select is for graduating U9 players only.
  • U9 Select teams will not do tryouts to select teams but rather associations will select them through evaluations held within their U9 normal programming. Typically, the association TD and the U9 coaches will select the team based on what they see in the normal U9 program.
  • Once formed, U9 teams will be permitted a maximum of five (5) hours of practice prior to the invitational event.  Exhibition games are NOT permitted.
  • The U9 select program has the option to play full ice.
  • All players/teams are limited to ONE U9 Select tournament.
  • Any U9 player who registers and plays as a U11 is ineligible to play in a U9 Select event.
  • All players and goaltenders must get equal time with goaltenders playing half games, every game.

Staff Requirements: 

See link below for required U9 certifications.


Yours in Hockey,

Gonzo Bennett

Chair, Minor Council Executive Committee,

Hockey NL