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June 16, 2016

For Immediate Release


Hockey NL is pleased to announce the head coaches for the AAA Pee Wee and Bantam 2016-2017 hockey season. The coaching staff will be responsible for the organization and selection of teams that will compete in the AAA provincial leagues this coming season.

Further announcements will be made once the remaining coaching staff positions and host sites have been appointed.

Information on the try-out camp for each respective region and division will be announced in the coming weeks.

Arnold Kelly, Chair Minor Hockey would like to thank all those who applied for showing their interest in the program and wishes all coaching staff good luck with the coming season.

Western                                       Head Coach

AAA PeeWee                                  Gerard Morry

AAA Bantam                                  Mark Robinson


AAA PeeWee                                    Tom Boone

AAA Bantam                                     Glenn Casey



AAA PeeWee                                    Randy Reardon

AAA Bantam                                    Carl Dohey


AAA PeeWee                                    Trevor Budgell

AAA Bantam                                    Mike Lee


St. John’s

AAA PeeWee                                    John Veitch

AAA Bantam                                    Wally Bray

For more information on the operation and format of the 2016-2017 provincial AAA league, please contact League Administrator, Gerry Wicks at [email protected].