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April 4, 2014

Atlantic Midget FEMALE Hockey Championship day TWO results

Deer Lake, Newfoundland & Labrador-   The 2014 Atlantic Midget Female Championship day two had five games on the schedule.

Game #2

9:00am      King County Kings (PEI)  1 vs.        Moncton Rockets (NB) 4     FINAL   


Goal Scorers Kings:        # 66  Maria Clinton

Goal Scorers Rockets:     # 83 Tinisha Daigle, #16 Sarah Bujold, #14 Hayley Hallihan, #22 Hayley Reid


Players of the game:  Kings #72 Hope Higinnbotham   / Rockets #83 Tinisha Daigle,


Starting Goalies: Kings #00 Nicolle Jay / Rockets # 31 Jordan Carrier


Shots on goal: Kings County Kings 20   / Moncton Rockets 26


Game #3


11:30am       Pro Cresting Penguins (NS) 0     vs.   Central Icepak (NL) 1     FINAL   


Goal Scorers Penguins:     No Scoring

Goal Scorers Icepak:      # 55 Robyn Rideout


Players of the game:  Penguins #24 Jenna Clarke  / Icepak #31 Melissa Mercer


Starting Goalies: Penguins #31 Claire Warren / Icepak # 31 Melissa Mercer


Shots on goal: Pro Cresting Penguins 26   / Central Icepak  17


Game #4


2:00pm       Western Warriors (HOST) 1       vs.   King County Kings (PEI) 5     FINAL   


Goal Scorers Warriors:      # 19 Tana Genge

Goal Scorers Kings:        # 19 Hannah Gormley, #87 Mikayla McGuirk, #13 Tionna Gordon,                                                  #27 Brailyne Jenkins, #69 Alyssa Ferguson


Players of the game:  Warriors #20 Heather Richards  / Kings #19 Hannah Gormley


Starting Goalies: Warriors #1 Brianna Brophy / Kings # 33 Emily Brothers


Shots on goal: Western Warriors 10   / King County Kings  34


Game #5


4:30 pm    Moncton Rockets (NB)   vs.   Central Icepak (NL)  1     FINAL   


Goal Scorers Rockets:      #21 Brooke Murphy, #14 Hayley Halihan

Goal Scorers Icepak:      # 11 Katie Nicole


Players of the game:  Rockets #21 Brook Murphy  / Icepak #15 Sarah Greene


Starting Goalies: Rockets # 1 Brianne Waterman / Icepak # 31 Melissa Mercer



Game #6


7:00 pm     Pro Cresting Penguins (NS) 8       vs.   Western Warriors (HOST)  0     FINAL   


Goal Scorers Penguins: #18 Courtney Rawding, #24 Jenna Clarke, #4 Madison Clarke, #15 Sara Moss, # 7 Courtney Foster, #11 Moria Macdonald, # 9 Cecilia Payne, #22 MacKenzie Wright


Goal Scorers Warriors:    No Scoring


Players of the game:  Penguins #18 Courtney Rawding  / Warriors #19 Tana Genge


Starting Goalies: Penguins #33 Kate Spooner / Warriors # 23 Samantha Hann


Shots on goal: Pro Cresting Penguins    / Western Warriors


Saturday, April 5th

8:30am              King County Kings (PEI)         vs. Pro Cresting Penguins (NS)

11:00pm            Western Warriors (HOST)    vs Moncton Rockets (NB)

1:30pm              Central Icepak (NL)               vs.  King County Kings (PEI)

4:00pm              Moncton Rockets (NB)          vs Pro Cresting Penguins (NS)


7:30                              Awards Banquet


The winner of this year’s Atlantic Championship will move on to represent the region at the 2014 ESSO Cup being held in Stoney Creek-Hamilton, Ontario from April 20-26, 2014.  The Atlantic Midget Female Championship is the top minor hockey tournament in the region for female players aged 15, 16 and 17.


For those family and fans unable to make it to Deer Lake, Bell Aliant Community One has partnered with the Atlantic branches and will be webcasting all tournament games which can be viewed at on Atlantic Midget Female Championship banner) will be the website throughout the championship and will be providing family, friends and fans with current updates and statistics of all the action.