The Head Coach of Central Ice Pak Peewee Team is Gordon Sargent. Gordon has his D1 coaching certification and has served as Head coach for Gander A select teams in the Past.  Assistant coaches, Trainers, and Director of operations will be announced once the team is selected.  Tryouts will be held in two phases.

1st Phase:  $60 try-out fee.

Sept 9th                2pm -3pm  Gander Stadium

                                5pm -6pm  Gander Stadium

Sept 10th              12pm -1pm  Winsor Stadium,  GFW

2nd phase:  $60 try-out fee

Sept 16th              3:30am -5:00pm  Gander Stadium

                                7:00pm – 8:30pm  Gander Stadium

Players are asked to bring a light and dark Jersey to the try-outs. Please make sure that there is no identification on the jersey (player’s name/association/private hockey/last year’s team)

Please pre-register by emailing Robert Bouzane at [email protected] with the following information:



Date of Birth:

2016/17 Team: