The Coach and I would like to thank all players for the hard decision that had to be made to finalize this list. All players played extremely hard and showed some very impressive skills last weekend. For the players who never made this list, we hope you don’t feel discouraged and continue to work hard on refining your skills and we hope you have a great hockey season. For the players who made this list, congratulations and now even more hard work will be expected during Phase 2 of the try-outs which will be held in Gander Arena.

September 21st

6:00pm – 8:00pm Game

September 22nd

8:30am – 10:am Game

Cost of Phase 2 of the try-outs is $45, payable at the Stadium.

Below is the list of players who were successful in moving on:



Braden Blackwood

Adam Byrne

Luke Coish

Fisher Dalley

Owen Drake

Reed Fowler

Preston Freake

Caleb Gavin

Peter Gill

Jayden Hanrahan

James Hodder

Anthony Hurley

Jaxson Ingram

Logan Kelly

Aiden Locke 

Colton Rowe  



Sebastian Anstey

Parker Ellis

Kaiden Hillier

Paul Hughes

Zachary King

Preston Lambert 

Nate Parsons

Quinn Price 

Jack Saunders

James Strickland

Ryder Thompson 



Cole Champion

Logan Colbourne

Joshua Fudge




Robert Bouzane

Central Area Director