As of September 2013* any coaches who participate in a Development 1 Coaching Clinic must complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) course to as a part of the certification process.  Any coaches who took the course prior to September 2013 will be granted transferred D1 Certified status and do not need to complete the MED Course. Please note former High Performance 1 participants will have to complete the Make Ethical Decisions online course to certify their qualifications.

Below are the steps to complete the Making Ethical Decisions online course:

  1. Go to 
  2. On the far right of the page go to MY LOCKER and click on PROFILE
  3. Click LOG IN (use your NCCP # or email and password) *If you forgot your NCCP # or password CLICK HERE
  4. After log in, go to MY LOCKER and click on ELEARNING
  5. The evaluation modules are listed on the left hand side.


High Performance 1 Coaches:

HP1 coaches are required to complete three online modules:

1. Making Ethical Decisions

2. Leading Drug Free Sport

3. Managing Conflict

The steps to access and complete these courses are the same as listed above for Making Ethical Decisions Process.

*These courses are free of charge as long as it’s showing attended the course on your profile.