Team Selection:

  • The try out process will have all Peewee players attend and the AAA and AA teams will be selected from this try out process.
  • There will be external evaluators for the tryout process.
  • Some extra coaches maybe asked to assist with the on ice tryouts.
  • Tryouts will be announced posted on Hockey NL website for each zone and with registration details.

Program Operation: 

The Peewee AAA program will have 4 regions (unless Labrador has interest for a team in which case there will be 5 divisions).  League play will include:

  • Warm Up – November
  • League weekend – Dec
  • League weekend – Feb
  • Provincials – March (Awards Banquet will be part of this portion of play)

The Peewee AA program will allow players to experience a regional team play focused on continued skill development and fun. Teams will depend on player interest in that zone to represent a team.  League play will include:

  • Warm up – November
  • Mid-season tournament
  • Provincials March – Awards Banquet

Both AAA and AA will follow ‘Discretion 1’ ice time rules as outlined in the Minor Hockey Rules.

Applications will be accepted until August 3, 2018 for the following:

  • Peewee AA Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Director of Operations and Trainer for all zones.

NOTE: Further AA Coach Selection will occur after tryout and team selection process.

Please CLICK HERE  for a copy of the Coaching Application form.


Thank you