Gatorade is proud to announce partnerships with elite minor hockey programs across the country.  The partnerships extend to over 30 branches and academies, giving elite minor hockey players unprecedented access to Gatorade’s product line and educational resources.  The 2013 programs goals are to provide elite minor hockey players the latest in Sport Nutrition products, education on the importance of fuelling correctly and how best to prepare the body for competition. “Gatorade Canada is excited to be a partner of elite minor hockey and to help athletes perform at their highest level through proper sports fuel”, Shirley Mukerjea – Director of Marketing, Gatorade.

To kick-off the program Gatorade hosted 100 of the country’s most influential people in minor hockey.  These coaches, trainers, and management staff from the various partner organizations gathered at the Hockey Hall of Fame on April 10th, 2013 for the inaugural Gatorade High Performance Hockey Summit.  The Summit gave attendees the opportunity to listen to presenters from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute discuss findings from research on the World Juniors.  A panel discussion on off-ice training that included world class trainer Andy O’Brien.  Special guest and keynote Speaker Pat Quinn also spoke to attendees about how to get the most out of your players.

The gathering of these influencers gave them tools to take back to their organizations to educate their peers and athletes.  Throughout the year Gatorade will give partner organizations access to educational opportunities and product for their programs.  Gatorade will extend its entire product line – Gatorade Prime, Perform, and Recover – so that athletes can get the best in Sports Fuel during practice and competition.

Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador partnership with Gatorade extends to the High Performance Program in 2013.