Today, Hockey NL learned, like Canadians coast to coast, of the changes that have taken place at Hockey Canada.  These changes will allow for a reset to the direction of the organization and an ability to tackle the challenges that we face within the world of hockey.

It is crucial at this juncture that the new leaders of Hockey Canada demonstrate an immediate impact for all members by ensuring that empathy, logic, and accountability serve as foundational traits for the organization as we move forward.  Hockey NL will be an active participant in the development of solutions that best represent the values of our players, coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers.

No one group or individual owns the game of hockey in Canada, rather each has a role to play in the governance and growth of the game. Hockey NL continues to believe in safe, fun and inclusive hockey experiences for every one of our members. We shall continue to promote positive environments and cultures within hockey.  We stand committed to offering programs, with the support of our volunteers and families, to all of the members in our province, while we work to improve the culture of our game with our partners across Canada.