Justin is a new coach with Botwood Minor hockey but jumped in head first to the action.

Write up submitted:

First off, Justin stepped up to duty of head coach when no one else would. He has no coaching experience but has blown us away! He made a difference in our children’s skills in the first few weeks they have been back to hockey. He has gone above and beyond in planning strategic practices. He steps up to any challenge asked of him. I’ve had multiple people involved in our executive make comments about how good he is doing. I’ve also had multiple parents make great comments about him and about how much their child has improved this year. Most of all he does what’s important, which is, making it fun for the kids. I’d never imagine a group of children so young staying completely committed and focused in the drills required of them, and they do! Because it’s fun. I’ve watched him develop relationships with the kids and the children love their coach. Overall, it’s great to see so many positive things come out of having him as our coach this year.

Justin will receive a coaching package from Hockey NL for his efforts, including: Hockey NL CCM coach bag, 3M Tape Tiger, FOX 40 whistle, Bauer polo shirt and other various items.

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