As we move into the 2015-2016 Hockey Season please be reminded to take time to ensure that all are aware of the importance of a safe environment for all those participating in your programs. The following are a few of the key reminders to consider.

  1. Concussion Awareness – Hockey Canada continues to offer important information around the prevention and responsible response to a player who may have suffered a concussion. To learn more and to download the Hockey Canada concussion app visit the Hockey Canada concussion resource page at 
  1. Emergency Action Plan – It is very important that your teams implement an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to ensure that they can properly respond to a player if they are injured. There have been revisions to this EAP that will be reflected in the Hockey Canada Safety Program in the next few weeks, and as well a new video is in the process of being created. An outline of the new information can be found at  
  1. Volunteer Screening – The importance of a strong screening program continues to ensure that those involved with your programs meet your expectations as an organization. Information on screening and the steps that should be considered can be found at under Speak Out Downloads. 
  1. Hockey Canada Insurance Program – All important information regarding the Hockey Canada Insurance Program including the Safety Requires Teamwork book can be found at
  1. Equipment Fitting – Proper fit, protective quality and maintenance of equipment is important in keeping young players safe. For important equipment tips refer to Safety Requires Teamwork accessible at 
  1. Recall Reminder – This is a reminder of the following recall that was issued by Bauer over the summer months. .

 Have a great season and thank you for continuing to create a safe environment for all participants!



Todd Jackson

Senior Manager, Insurance and Membership Services

Hockey Canada