• Nominations for Board Positions Now Being Accepted (2/3/2023)




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    FROM:  Murray Roberts, Chair Hockey NL Nominating Committee

    Cc:  Hockey NL Board

    DATE:  February 3, 2023

    RE:  Notice of Nominations for Board Positions


    The Nominating Committee is currently accepting nominations for individuals to serve on the Hockey NL Board of Directors for the Term 2023-2025.

    Nominations must include: (i) Nomination form signed by a duly authorized voting Member representative and by the candidate (CLICK HERE); (ii) Candidate’s resume (optional and no more than 2 pages) including education background, employment background and volunteer/sport experience, including experience with Hockey NL.

    Nominations shall be submitted electronically to the registered office of the corporation via email with a read and delivery receipt to [email protected] no later than March 26, 2023. Nominations received after that date will not be considered, with the only exception being if there are no candidates nominated, we will allow nominations from the floor during the Annual Meeting.

    The Nominating Committee will be releasing the final slate of candidates along with the respective resume and information to the membership on or before the notice of the Annual Meeting of the Members.

    The election for the positions will take place during Hockey NL’s Annual Meeting on June 24, 2023, in Gander.

    There will be no acclamations and members will have the ability to abstain in elections as per Hockey NL By-Law 4.08.

    The nomination memorandum and nomination form for Council positions that are open for election in 2023, will be issued on March 27, 2023, and close 45 days prior to the AGM as per by-law 11. Council positions that will be open for nominations on this date are;

    Chair-Senior and Adult Recreation Council

    Vice Chair- Senior and Adult Recreation Council

    Chair-Junior Council

    Vice Chair-Junior Council

    At Large-Junior Council

    Chair-Female Council

    Vice Chair-Female Council

    Eastern Member-Female Council

    Central Member- Female Council

    Chair-Minor Council

    Vice Chair-Minor Council

    Tri Pen Member-Minor Council

    Western Member-Minor Council


    Nominations are now open for the following positions.

    Board (two-year term)

    Director- President

    Director- Vice President

    Director- Treasurer (Accredited Charter Professional Accountant)

    Director, (elected by the Senior and Adult Recreation) Not responsible solely for the division from which they are elected.

    Director, (elected by the Female Division) Not responsible solely for the division from which they are elected.

    Director, (elected by the Junior Division) Not responsible solely for the division from which they are elected.

    Director, (elected by the Minor Division) Not responsible solely for the division from which they are elected.

    Director, Referee in Chief

    Director, Hockey Development Chair

    Director, at Large

    Director, at Large


    To be eligible to serve as a Director, an individual must:

    1. a) be nineteen (19) years of age or older;
    2. b) not have been found to be mentally incompetent by a court in Canada or elsewhere;
    3. c) have the power under law to contract;
    4. d) not have the status of bankrupt; and
    5. e) not be a director or officer of any Association, League or Team, or a shareholder of a Team, within Hockey NL.

    A Director who has been elected and is not compliant with Section 4.04e) must, upon election, take immediate steps to become compliant. If non-compliance continues for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of election, the Director must resign as a director.