The Executive of the NL U18 Major Hockey League is seeking expressions of interest for the position of league Administrator.

The Administrator role is a volunteer role. As it is quite demanding on the volunteer’s time on a weekly basis during the season & in the weeks leading up to the start of a new season, including the Annual General Meeting during the summer, a token Honorarium is provided in appreciation.

Please send a summary of your credentials expressing your interest in this position & a list of references to: [email protected]. Any questions about the role can also be directed to the same address. The successful candidate will be notified by August 31st.




The Administrator will be responsible for the day to day operation of the League.  The Administrator will answer to the President and will work closely with the Executive Committee.  The Administrator will act as the liaison between the Executive Committee and team management.


The duties and responsibilities of the Administrator include:

    – Calling meetings on behalf of the President or Executive Committee as required

    – Managing the web site

    – Creating the League Schedule

    – Conduct the day to day business of the League (pay bills, purchasing, etc)

    – Establish process for selecting annual League award winners

    – Organize banquet and awards

    – Support the President

    – Register players and coaching staff with Hockey Canada using the on-line registration system

    – Keep an accurate record of penalties that carry suspensions using the Suspension Tracker

    – Keep an accurate record of team fundraising requests and subsequent financial reports to Service NL.

    – Register the NL U18 Major Hockey League as a member with HNL on an annual basis.

    – Other duties as assigned


The Administrator has the authority to act on behalf of the Executive

Committee in the following matters;

    – Payment of bills

    – Purchasing of items in the approved budget

    – Notify players of suspensions

    – Negotiate changes to the League schedule