1. Any activity which is a part of a Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador member association/league/team’s program will be sanctioned. This may include fall/spring conditioning and evaluation camps. Any association/league/team having invitational or exhibition tournaments and jamborees must first receive the sanction of the HNL and will be required to complete a Tournament Sanction Request Form. The tournament sanctioning must be requested through the HNL Office three weeks prior to the commencement of the tournament. HNL does not sanction Summer Hockey with the exception of the HNL Program of Excellence and “AAA” Midget Training Camps. Summer hockey is considered between the time frame of May 1 to July 31.

2. TOURNAMENT POLICIES: “Within the jurisdiction of Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador, tournament sanctioning, coordination and operation cannot be subcontracted, transferred or conveyed in any form or manner to a non-member or private enterprise entity.”

3. Hockey NL member teams must be competing against other Hockey NL or Hockey Canada member teams in order to have coverage. Coverage will not be extended to Hockey NL member teams who participate against a non Hockey NL/Hockey Canada member teams. Hockey NL member teams competing against IIHF or USA hockey member teams in events sanctioned by the appropriate body will be covered. (See Hockey Canada Regulation D, Exhibition Games and Tours).

4. One exception would be for “benefit games.” “Benefit Games” in which a HNL member team is playing a game against a non Hockey NL/Hockey Canada member team in a fundraising situation, the Hockey NL member team would be covered, however, coverage would not be extended to the non member team. An example of this would be the minor hockey dads playing against a local team in a fundraising or charity game. Hockey NL may have the ability to sanction this form of activity at their discretion.

5. In cases where Hockey NL has granted “overage” status to a minor hockey player, the player and those he or she competes against will be covered.

6. Hockey NL may sanction fall or spring hockey schools if they are conducted by a member association and if all proceeds go back to the local minor hockey association.

7. Hockey NL may sanction Skate-a-thons if involving registered members.


8. Hockey NL will sanction dry land training if all participants are registered members and the training has the sanctioning of the association/league/team.

9. Hockey NL will sanction year end banquets for registered associations/leagues/teams only.

10. Hockey NL may sanction the following fundraising activities providing the association/league/team has the appropriate certification from the provincial government and lotteries license board: Chocolate bar sales, bottle drives, bingo, car washes, ticket sales and chuck a puck.

Any association/league/team holding special events and fundraising activities will be required to complete a Special Event Request Form for possible sanctioning. The Special Event sanctioning must be requested through the Hockey NL Office three weeks prior to the commencement of the event. HNL will review each request separately and any events that are deemed to be high-risk events will not be sanctioned.

11. Fundraising activities and functions that will not be approved for Insurance Certificates or sanctioned by Hockey NL are community festivals, rock concerts, dunk tanks, musical festivals, selling of alcohol, slo- pitch tournaments and other sports related activities.

Any activity or event requested that is not covered in these guidelines will be handled independently by Hockey NL.