There have been only eight presidents of provincial hockey since the 1935 founding of the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Association.

Robert S. Furlong served from 1935 until 1952 while T.R. Moore of XXXXX was president for one year. Ralph Colyer, a St. John’s native who moved to Buchans and played hockey there, was president from 1953 to 1957.

Vince Rossiter of St. John’s filled the president’s position from 1958 to 1965 when Donald S. Johnson, a native of Halifax who moved to St. John’s with the Bank of Nova Scotia, took over. Johnson was president until 1970 and was followed by Corner Brook’s Claude Anstey.

George Fardy of St. John’s was elected president in 1986 and served until 2000 when Marv Ryder of Bonavista took over the president’s position until 2006.

Gerry Evans of Mount Pearl was elected president in 2006 and served until 2011 when Jack Lee of Goulds took over the president’s position.

The association’s executive structure has changed rather often, growing from an original three to seven as of 2000. There has always been a reason for the changes. For example, the establishment of minor hockey generated a vice-president for that category and the establishment of an association office in Grand Falls-Windsor eliminated the need for a registrar.

In addition, the setting up of separate councils for the emerging categories of hockey often had each council with its own executive and operating under its own vice-president. The duties of the vice-presidents changed a little as the association’s focus changed.

With financial support from the provincial government, the NAHA opened its own office in Grand Falls in 1968. The association was the first provincial sports governing body to fill the necessity of operating a suitably equipped administration office. NAHA members have been well served by the office and its staff.

The office staff have included employees Joe Byrne, Jean Bending, Barb Power, Jean Pelley, Heber Rideout, Barb Hawco, Craig Tulk and Tamar Hobbs. It should be noted that, as a volunteer, Harold Hillier devoted a great deal of time and effort to various aspects of the office.

Various council executives not included in this section may be listed with their own councils or categories.