TO: All Member Associations and Leagues

FROM: Craig Tulk, Executive Director, Hockey NL

Cc: Hockey NL Councils

Hockey NL Board of Directors

Hockey NL Officiating Committee

DATE: December 21, 2023

RE: Serving of Suspensions 

We would like to remind all members to ensure their respective coaching staff and stakeholders follow the Hockey NL Automatic Suspensions for on ice infractions that carry subsequent punishment.

The links for each respective council suspensions can be found under the title Players of the Hockey NL website homepage.

We would like to provide some clarification as per Hockey Canada Regulation 09.

Any Hockey Canada Registered Participant who is under suspension by a Hockey Canada Member, Team, League, or MHA is suspended from any and all involvement in Hockey Canada sanctioned games.

Therefore, if a suspended participant, also coaches or plays within another division or officiates, they are not eligible to participate in a game until the suspension has been served with the registered team.

Suspensions are served in regular schedule league or tournament play. For clarification and/or confirmation that the suspension has been served, please contact your respective council representative.

Hockey NL discipline committees may increase the suspension by adding all activities, which would include practices and team functions, however, that will only be in effect, when the language on a suspension letter indicates suspended from all activities.

For any further clarification, please reach out to the branch office.

Yours in Hockey,


Craig Tulk

Executive Director

Hockey NL