There is a change in schedule instead of a 2 day try out its going to be a 1 day tryout.  The tryout will be on Saturday Oct. 26 “ONLY” in Placentia.

Times for Saturday October 26

Team 1 Vs Team 2        10am – 11am
Team 3 Vs Team 1        11am – 12pm
Team 2 Vs Team 3       12pm – 1pm
“ Lunch Break”
Team 1 Vs Team 2         3pm – 4pm
Team 3 Vs Team 1         4pm – 5pm
Team 2 Vs Team 3         5pm –6pm

Please see below this email to see what team your child is on.  Team 3 has 1 goalie, when team 1 and 2 plays Team 3 the goalies will be rotating .  If there is a player not on my list please let me know ASAP.

When the team is selected it will be 15 players, 2 goalies and alternate players (AP).  The team will be posted on the HNL website on Monday Oct.28

For those players that did not attend the tryouts in Whitbourne please see Charlotte Mercer to pay registration.  The cost for tryouts is $60.00 cash or cheque “Tri Pen Pee Wee AAA”.

If you have any questions please contact me by email [email protected]


Tri Pen Ice AAA Tryouts Teams

Team 1                           Team 2                             Team 3

Kyle Petten              Ethan Crosbie              Mark Davis
Liam Gregory          Patrick Farrell            Cole Mackey
Josh Neil                   Lucas Russell              Colby Drover
Shailynn Snow        Luke Akerman            Tyler Green
Jared Cluett             Dawson Laundry        Tyler Dohey
Nick Andrews          Lucas Adams               Taran Leonard
Isaiah Butler            Ethan Pottle               Liam Best
Dawson Mercer       Jacob Whittle            Riley Mayne
Nick Donovan           Josh Sanford             Cameron Bullen
Ryan Hiller                Eric Ardis                    Michael Ingram
Josh Hussey              Colby Barrett              Lucas Bishop
Blair Smith

Goalies                                Goalies                       Goalies

Caleb Andrews              Logan Paddle            Riley Petten
Charlie Dominaux       Ryan Neil

Carolyn Petten
Director of Operations
Tri Pen Pee Wee AAA