Western AAA Peewee Try-Outs

Gerard Morey will be the head coach for the Western AAA Peewee Team this year. , Gerard brings a lot of experience in Coaching at the AAA Level.  It is important to note that not all players will be successful in becoming a rostered player but may be successful as an affiliate player.  An affiliate player is eligible to practice with the team, travel and play with the team when an extra player is needed. Assistant coaches, Trainers, and Director of operations will be announced once the team is picked. Tryouts will be held in two phases.

1st Phase:  $80 try-out fee

Sept. 16th            

2:30 p.m.​​ Registration

3:30pm -4:30 p.m.​Practice, Kinsmen Arena

4:30 pm                     Parent and Player Information Meeting with Coaching Staff

6:30pm – 7:30 p.m.​ Game, Kinsmen Arena

Sept. 17th           10:00am​ -11:00 am      Practice,Kinsmen Arena

12:30pm -1:30 pm            Game, Kinsmen Arena

2nd Phase $40 try-out fee

Sept. 23rd             1:30pm -2:30pm Game, Kinsmen Arena

Sept. 24th             8:00am – 9:00 am Game, Kinsmen Arena

Players are asked to bring a light and dark Jersey to the try-outs.  Please make sure that there is no identification on the jersey (player’s name/association/private hockey/last year’s team)

Please pre-register by emailing Catherine Dinn at [email protected]  with the following information:



Date of Birth:

2016/17 Team: