January 3, 2024

To:   All School Hockey Teams

Info:   Board Members, Female Council & Minor Council Executive Committees, Hockey NL

From:   Tamar Hobbs, Senior Manager Operations, Hockey NL

Re:   January 10 Deadline – Team Registration

The following is a reminder to all school hockey teams that January 10 is the deadline for teams to be registered with Hockey NL via the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).

Each team is permitted to register up to thirty (30) players for the season.  Notwithstanding this, each team may not dress and play more than nineteen (19) players {seventeen (17) skaters and two (2) goaltenders}.

A player may not be released after January 10th to make room for registering another player, and a player released after January 10th may not register with another team for that season.

Although the deadline for final registration of players is February 10th, a player is not eligible to play any game until he is registered and a team which does not file its list of registered players via the HCR on or before January 10th shall be ineligible for further competition.

If you have not reached out to our office to obtain your HCR account information, please forward the name of your School Team and the name of the Contact Person who will be entering your registration through the HCR so we can set up account.

Should you have any questions on this, please contact the Hockey NL Branch Office.


Tamar Hobbs

Senior Manager Operations

Hockey NL