Here is this year’s edition of the Western AAA PeeWee Kings Hockey Team. As always the final choices are difficult. Coach Morry would like to thank all who tried out and wish all a very enjoyable and successful season.


Noah Blanchard Stephenville 

Carter Bromley Corner Brook

Carter Decker Gros Morne

Allie Hancock St. Anthony 

Ethan Janes Corner Brook

Ethan March Stephenville 

Morgan Pevie Gros Morne

Matthew Reid Deer Lake

Markus Spingle Corner Brook

Zach O’Brien Corner Brook (AP)

Lucas Payne Gros Morne (AP)

Marcus Devogel Straits (AP)


Ben Cornick Deer Lake

Marcus Kearsey Deer Lake

Anthony Molloy Deer Lake

William Patey Gros Morne

Maria Shea Stephenville

Joseph Wiseman Corner Brook

Sam Bugden Corner Brook (AP)

Cohen Vardy Corner Brook (AP)


Noah Beliveau Stephenville

Jack Kendrick Corner Brook

Ryan Roberts Gros Morne (AP)

Thank You