The following players are invited back to a second weekend of tryouts:

Blake, Michael

Boone, Jack

Bryan, Thomas

Byrne, Jack

Clendenning, Will

Connors, Caelen

Denty ,Evan

Egedy, Carter

Ford ,Cole

Gale, Landon

Hewlett, Ty

Hounsell, Kagan

Hurley, Katie

Hutchings ,Ben

Legge, Colton

Martin, Parker

Pittman, Graham

Parsons, Owen

Power, Ryder

Snow, Owen

Sullivan, Gracie

Toms, Cole


Second Tryouts will also include previously registered players from zones currently under travel restrictions. The next tryout times will be announced when players are permitted to Travel.

Thank You,

Dean Ralph

HNL Central Minor Member

709 533 7779