The following players are invited to the final tryout sessions on Saturday, October 2nd.  All players involved are commended for their efforts in the initial phase and for making the selection process difficult.  Good luck to all players this season.

Carson Alexander
Aiden Applin
Cameron Bishop
Matthew Buckle
Stephan Butt
Alex Coles
Ivor Cook
Owen Drover
Alex Elms
Luke Elms
Jaxon Gale
Brandon Gillard
Reid Hamlyn
Reid Hann
Ben House
Charlie Hynes
Mark Janes
Michael Lamswood
Kyler Lucas
Ryder MacIsaac
Charlie McIntosh
Luke Murphy
Brady Osmond
Aiden Sansome
Rowan Sheppard
Ryan Sheppard
Lincoln Snow
Jonathan Sparkes
Parker Stewart
Joe Walsh
Tyler Wilton


Practices times for Saturday, October 2nd at the Hodder in Deer Lake are as follows:

1. 12:00 – 2:00pm
2. 3:15 – 5:15pm


Thank you!!!