This page includes important information regarding this years 2024 High-Performance Program Summer Camp. Please read through the information carefully and follow the action item dates and links listed below.

Summer Camp Groups:

2024 Summer Camp Selections- FU14

2024 Summer Camp Selections- FU16

2024 Summer Camp Selections- MU14

2024 Summer Camp Selections- MU15

2024 Summer Camp Selections- MU16


Master Schedule (August 1st – 6th): COMING MID JULY

Simplified Schedules: COMING MID JULY

Summer Camp Location: Corner Brook 

Summer Camp Arena: Corner Brook Civic Center

Summer Camp Dates (MU14, MU15, FU14, FU16): August 1st – August 6th

Summer Camp Dates (MU16): August 6th – August 9th

Grenfell Campus Information

All players and staff will be staying at MUN University- Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook, NL.


1a/1b- Residence
6- Residence
12- Civic Centre

Summer Camp Player and Staff Residence: Grenfell Residence Information 

  • Coaching staff will assign player rooms.
  • Occupancy is 2 players per residence (Click Here to view room layout).
  • 1 Private Bathroom/Shower in each residence room.
  • 1 shared fridge per residence room.
  • 2 player lounges on each residence floor.
  • Players are strongly advised to bring their own fan.

Parent/Family Member Accommodation Information:

Grenfell Campus, in partnership with Hockey NL, are pleased to offer accommodation options to High Performance Program (HPP) parents/family members.

Please CLICK HERE to view more information on the Grenfell Campus Chalet parent/family member accommodations.

Grenfell Campus – Parent/Family Member Chalet Contact Information:

*Please note availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

Registration Fee Information:

  • Summer Camp Total Cost: $925.00 (All fees included with this price). 
  • Summer Camp Total Cost (Male U16): $515.00 (All fees included with this price). 

If the registration fee is not received by Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador at this time, you will be replaced by an alternate player.

Payment Method 

For insurance purposes, any player registered with a non-registered Hockey Canada team (i.e. Prep School – Certain schools do not have Hockey Canada coverage) must be registered and insured with the Hockey NL office prior to the event in order to be eligible to participate.  Insurance fee $30.00. If you’re unsure if your team is not-registered with Hockey Canada please contact our office- [email protected].

What does this registration fee include?

The registration fee includes all mealsdaily nutrition breaks, Gatorade products, fitness testing/digital results, residence accommodations for five nights (Male U16- three nights), all on ice instruction, daily practices & games, off ice fitness and classroom/presentation sessions.  This fee also includes an apparel package supplied by Hockey NL.

*Transportation to and from Corner Brook is the responsibility of the participant.*


The High-Performance Program shall offer to refund registration fees paid by participants under the following circumstances:

  • Notification to withdraw from the Program is provided to Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador’s Manager, Development and High Performance ([email protected]) no later than 15 days in advance of the phase to be attended; or the individual withdraws for reason of injury and the request is accompanied by a physician’s confirmation that the individual is unable to participate due to physical reasons. This will need to be filed with the Manager, Development and High Performance ([email protected]) prior to the first session of the phase to be attended.
  • Any individual who requests a refund for an injury that occurred later than 21 days in advance of the phase to be attended and is also uncertain if they will be cleared to play, must notify the Manager, Development and High Performance no later than 15 days in advance of the phase to be eligible for a potential refund request. This is to ensure the program can identify a potential alternate in a timely manner; if an alternate cannot be identified, refunds may not be approved.
  • The individual withdraws for compassionate reasons and the request is approved by Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador.

Individuals who register but fail to serve the proper notice of withdrawal will not receive a refund.

Participants who become injured during a phase of the Program, or for compassionate reasons wish to leave a phase of the Program, are not eligible for a refund.

There shall be a $75.00 refund charge of registration fee to any participant who cancels their attendance more than fifteen (15) days prior to a Hockey NL sanctioned event or has been excused for injury or compassionate reasons.

Fitness Testing and Summer Camp Preparation:

With off-ice training/physical fitness playing such an integral part in being a successful High Performance Athlete, Hockey NL puts an emphasis on players staying fit through off-ice training & conditioning.

Fitness testing will be completed at each summer camp in the following areas:

  • Lower Body 
  • Upper Body 
  • Mobility/Flexibilty
  • Speed/Agility
  • Anaerobic Fitness
  • On-Ice Performance Testing

*Fitness testing will be different than previous years. A fitness testing document will be sent out in the weeks leading up to camp. We encourage all athletes to be in top physical condition and not over train for specific tests.* 

Additional Summer Camp Information:

The High Performance Provincial Camps allow qualified and experienced provincial coaching staff to identify the top twenty players (FU14, FU16, MU14 & MU15) at the event that will compete in the 2024 Atlantic Challenge Cup. The Atlantic Challenge Cup will take place from October 10th – 13th in Moncton, NB.  This tournament will feature a best on best competition involving all four Atlantic provincial teams.  This is the first step in Hockey Canada’s Program of Excellence. This camp is not only an identification camp, but it is also a development camp which provides the participants with on-ice drill sessions and off ice education. The Male Under 16 team will not attend the ACC. They now participate in the Under 16 QMJHL Cup also on October 10th- 13th in NB. The teams participating are New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and NL.

**Please note that Hockey NL does not sanction any extra summer on ice activities i.e.  Sweat camps or pre camp skates.  Also, our program is not affiliated in any way with private hockey programs or hockey schools.  We encourage you to participate in an off ice training program to assist in your conditioning for the provincial camp.**

Contact Information:

Financial Inquiries:

Branch Office:

P : (709) 489-5512

Email: [email protected]

Other Contact Information:

Marcus Power

Manager, Development and High Performance – Hockey NL

Email : [email protected]

High Performance Program Website CLICK HERE

Hockey NL Twitter: @Hkynl CLICK HERE