Welcome to the 2020-21 hockey season!  The Covid 19 pandemic has created a ‘new normal’ for the world including the hockey community. The committee members of Breakaway Foundation are pleased to support the efforts of HNL, local minor hockey associations, volunteers and parents as we work together to give children in need in our province a game of hockey.

Just as there are new operations in minor hockey, Breakaway Foundation has made modifications in our efforts to raise the funds that give financial assistance to those players and families who need it. We will be hosting our Annual Ticket Sweep but with less effort required from our MHA partners.  We are asking each association to commit to be responsible for the sale of just 5 tickets. There are only 200 tickets being printed at a cost of $100 per ticket on a cash prize of $10,000 being drawn on December 18th 2020.  Each minor hockey association is being asked to sell just 5 – this equates basically to the cost to fund one less fortunate child to play the game he/she loves. As Breakaway Foundation motto says: All children deserve the chance to play…

Let’s make some kids very happy in a year that has be tough on all of us!

Further details and tickets available for sale by contacting   [email protected]


Debbie Doyle