Please note the deadlines dates for submitting nominations for various Hockey NL awards is as follows:


Minor Hockey Scholarship                                            March 31, 2018

Hockey NL Life Membership                                         April 9, 2018

Joe Byrne Development Honor Roll Award               April 15, 2018

Female Promotional Award                                           April 15, 2018

Junior Meritorious Awards                                            April 15, 2018

Charlie McCarthy Memorial Award                             April 15, 2018

Minor Meritorious Awards                                            April 15, 2018

Brian Wakelin Executive of the Year Award               April 15, 2018

Minor Association/Community Club of The Year Award        April 15, 2018

B.F. Lorenzetti Bursary                                                April 15, 2018

Hockey Hall of Fame                                                    April 15, 2018

Wayne Mercer Memorial Scholarship                      April 15, 2018

Ron Healey Memorial Award                                      April 15, 2018

Ray Bowe Award of Merit                                             April 15, 2018

Nominations for all of the above awards with the exception of Minor Awards should be sent to my attention by the date provided.  Minor Award nominations must be forwarded to Arnold Kelly, Minor Council Chair.

For information on the criteria for these awards, please visit our website at  



Craig Tulk

Executive Director, Hockey NL