Danny has been actively coaching for 6+ years with North East Minor Hockey. He has coached with mainly in the Female U9 (Novice) division.

Write up submitted:

Girls hockey is experiencing tremendous growth in Northeast Minor Hockey. This year there are thirty girls playing U9 on two teams, both known as the Purple Unicorns.

Danny Penton is the head coach of the Unicorns. The girls are all in different places in regards to ability and experience but Danny provides an environment that is safe, inclusive and respectful. He has an excellent relationship with the girls on the team and this relationship, and the environment he created has played a big role in the level of improvement in players over the past year. All girls on the team are engaged in practices and games are full of laughter and cheering. Chats of the girls saying “lets go Unicorns” fill the rink every Saturday morning.

Danny deserves full credit for creating this camaraderie among the girls. They love to come to the rink and their smiles and laughter are infectious.

Keep up the great work Danny.

Danny will receive a coaching package from Hockey NL for his efforts, including: Hockey NL CCM coach bag, 3M Tape Tiger, FOX 40 whistle, Bauer polo shirt and other various items.