Jennifer has been actively coaching for 4+ years with Southern Shore Minor Hockey.

Write up submitted:

Jennifer is a 22-year-old student at MUN, completing her last year of Kinesiology. She had a full course load, works part time, but still finds the time to coach the girls. While Jennifer does not have a child or family member playing hockey, she devotes her time coaching with the Female program at the SSMHA for the past 4 years. Jennifer coached the U9 female teams, and this year was the Head Coach for the U11 tier 1 female team. Jennifer is known to the girls as “Jenny B” and is a true inspiration. Jenny B can be found in the dressing room having a dance party, pushing the girls on the ice, cheering them on from the bench, or busting a move to the macarena in her lime green tutu at the hockey banquet!  Her biggest passion is to pass on the many things she has learned playing hockey locally and to promote these young athletes into not only great hockey players but also strong females. Earlier this year she had the girls write down a goal they wanted to work on individually this year and secure it to a part of their hockey gear. Going into the dressing room seeing the girls compare their goals, taped to the inside of their gloves, under their skate or inside their hockey pants was incredible. But even more inspiring was seeing Jennifer understand the girls’ personal goals and pushing them as a team and individually to reach their goal. Having someone like Jennifer on the ice is instrumental in growing the female program and we are so proud that “Jenny B” is our coach!

Jennifer will receive a coaching package from Hockey NL for her efforts, including: Membership to the Coaches Site, Hockey NL coach bag, 3M Tape Tiger, FOX 40 whistle, HNL polo shirt and other various items.