Steve has been actively coaching for 9+ years with Corner Brook Minor Hockey.

Write up submitted:

“Steve Fifield is a one of a kind coach, he has been dedicated to this group of girls for 9 years now. He has sacrificed his time off for games, practises and road trips. Even when his own daughter is not able to make it. Steve has had his nails painted to go to a hockey Banquet, dressed up in silly outfits, danced and won a Zumba competition and many more crazy things for the girls hockey banquets. This is Steve’s last year coaching the girls and he has been their biggest supporter And cheerleader no matter if the girls were Losing all their games or winning all their games. He’s known to get a little sentimental in the dressing room and I think this would be iceing on the cake to receive This award.”

Steve will receive a coaching package from Hockey NL for his efforts, including: Hockey NL coach bag, 3M Tape Tiger, FOX 40 whistle, HNL polo shirt and other various items.