On behalf of Hockey NL Referee-In-Chief Ed Flood, I am pleased to announce that Alex Franey, Bay Arena Minor has been selected as one of our Recipients for the Hockey NL Official of the Month Program for January.  He was nominated by his Referee-in-Chief, Christian Dawe who had great things to say about the work that he is doing with the Hockey Canada/Hockey NL Officiating Programs.

Below is a sample of the comments that were made as a part of his nomination:

“Alex has taken the next step in his refereeing career. He has taken a larger interest in officiating hockey. He is always readily available and happy to officiate any level of hockey. He manages this all while in post secondary school and another part time job. He is always striving to increase his knowledge by asking questions and into his rule book. He has even completed his first major U18 game this weekend on the lines and excelled in this game without hesitation and with plenty of confidence. Alex is invested in himself as an official and officiating a fair game of hockey for the development of the players.”  Christian Dawe, Bay Arena Minor, Referee-In-Chief.


Keep up the great work!