On behalf of Hockey NL Referee-in-Chief Ed Flood, I am pleased to announce that Johnny Dyke, Goulds Minor, was selected as one of our Recipients for the Hockey NL Official of the Month Program for January.  He was nominated by his Referee-in- Chief, Colin Heffernan who had great things to say about the work that he is doing with the Hockey Canada/Hockey NL Officiating Programs.

Below is a sample of the comments that were made as a part of his nomination:

“Johnny is a second year official with our program in the Goulds. Part of a group of six young new officials we took in last year, Johnny established himself as one of the keenest officials we’ve taken in over the past five years. He possesses great rule knowledge and feel for the game for such a young official. His effort on the ice is outstanding, skating hard and in position no matter the level of hockey. He continues to progress early in the 2020-21 season, and has just completed his first game as a referee.” Colin Heffernan, Goulds Minor, Referee In Chief’

Keep up the Great Work!