Hockey NL would like to congratulate and recognize, Joe Pickett – Coach of the Month, January 2019 

Joe is a HP1 Certified Coach and has coached various levels from IP – Major Midget and was a member of the 2015 Canada Games coaching staff. Joe currently coaches with Avalon Minor Hockey.

Write up submitted:

I nominate coach Joe Pickett for three reasons,

1.) novice is a younger age group and I’m a father of three, the last of my children are making it through the hockey NL program.  In previous years I’ve noticed with my children and with other children, a lot of what my partner calls me meowers, (where you have to go see mom or dad for water or an equipment adjustment every couple of minutes).  Joe keeps the children entertained, and I haven’t seen one meow yet this season.

2.) Joe focuses on drills and activities that always utilize the puck.  It is usually easy to find access to extra skating time but rarely actually time where the children get to have a stick and a puck, so I really appreciate the fact that he uses every minute  to develop puck handling and shooting time.

3.). Joe likes to have a lot of helpers when he’s coaching so he has encouraged and has gotten a lot of parents to participate in the practices.  When this happens the children, hockey NL and the parents all benefit.

Joe will receive a coaching package from Hockey NL for his efforts, including: Hockey NL CCM coach bag, 3M Tape Tiger, FOX 40 whistle, Bauer polo shirt and other various items.


Hockey NL would like to congratulate and recognize, Scottie Greene – Coach of the Month, February 2019 

Scott played his minor hockey in Bishops Falls. He player the AAA Peewee, Bantam and Major Midget. He also played HPP Under 15 and Under 16. He went on to play in the QMJHL with Sherbrooke and Cape Breton. As well in the MJHL with St. Stephen.

Write up submitted:

Scottie has a wealth of hockey knowledge to bring to the youth of BFMH. He grew up in the Bishop’s Falls minor hockey program and is a member of the Central Icepak alumni. Scottie was drafted to the QMJHL in 2015 by the Sherbrooke Pheonix and finished his major junior career with the Cape Brenton Screaming Eagles. He was assistant captain with the St. Stephen Aces of the MJHL when he was involved in a serious car accident that ended his competitive hockey career. Since he can no longer play competitively Scottie has turned to coaching. He began coaching his little brother’s Peewee team last season as well as the Initiation group. This season the Midget team was looking for a head coach and he stepped up. He loved teaching the younger kids the basics of hockey but this year he is really enjoying sharing his experiences with this age group of boys. From the stands you can see how dedicated he is to his team and how eager the boys are to listen and learn from one of their biggest role models. These boys have followed Scottie through his career and look up to him as an inspiration not only through hockey but through life itself. Scottie embraces this new coaching path and shares all that he has learned through hockey with our town’s youth. Scottie has brought his experience from playing in the QMJHL and shared that with our Midget team. He has brought our Team together in so many ways, he has taught them respect for each other and encourages and focuses on praising even the weaker players and teaching each of them that even ‘though a player may not score all the time that they still depend on That player to make the team work. He has boosted their self confidence through this.

The Team has the utmost Respect for Scottie, to get Praise from Scottie is well sought after.


Scottie will receive a coaching package from Hockey NL for his efforts, including: Hockey NL CCM coach bag, 3M Tape Tiger, FOX 40 whistle, Bauer polo shirt and other various items.