TO: All Hockey NL Members

FROM: Craig Tulk, Executive Director, Hockey NL

DATE: December 22, 2021

We like to remind all members of the Hockey NL Social Media Policy.

Here is the link to our current policy: 

The provincial policy was created, at the request and in support of the members, in managing and screening their respective social media platforms. A policy for members to address violations and those who use the medium in a negative way.

Social Media is a great medium to promote your programs and activities, allow your fans, friends, and family to follow the results of your games and successes of your participants.

The platform is not for your stakeholders and especially for your association/league/team social media administrators, to express their frustrations in decisions, the officiating, or in individuals.

In a review of many accounts across our organization, we have identified several unnecessary comments and statements. This pattern must be stopped, and we need you, the members, to get that message across. First, by ensuring those who administer your own platforms, use it for the intent the policy was built on. When sharing results of games, we encourage you to report goals and assists, awards, and results. Avoid the number of penalties or the personal assessment of the officiating. This is not the place to make negative or derogatory comments. If you or your stakeholders have concerns and/or complaints, then please ensure this is addressed in the appropriate respective process we have established for the membership.

We trust you recognize the importance of this area, and we want not only our own membership, but those outside of our membership to believe our sport fosters a safe, fun and inclusive hockey experience.

Kindest Regards,

Craig Tulk
Executive Director,
Hockey NL