Only 6 days left and the best is yet to come.   The St. John’s Junior Hockey League will be putting the League’s top 50 players on the ice at the Bay Arena for it’s 19th All Star game.

The 2 teams facing off will be made up of the two divisions of the League… the Avalon Division so named “Team Tobin, the Baymen”, and the City Division “Team Taylor the Townies”.  Each team of the League will be represented by 4 or 5 of it’s top players.

The All Star game has been played for 19 years with accolades of excitement, camaraderie and fun, yet a serious game to see which division is the best. So far the Avalon Division is up 3 wins over the City Division.. 11 – 8 wins. Let’s see if the Coaching Staff of the City Division, Marks Mt. Pearl Junior Blades’, Adam Collins, Bob Thompson, Dave Pollard and Fred Blair can close that gap against the Coaching Staff of the Avalon Division, Assante Wealth Management CBR Junior Renegades, John Baldwin, Steve Gillard, Chris Butler, Evan Lockyer, Brandon Tilley, Morgan Warren and Jamie Nicholson.

Game time 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 17 at the Bay Arena, admission only $5.00.