The St. John’s Junior Hockey League  is extremely proud to announce that the first ever Junior Hockey League game to be aired on Live TV in this era will be aired tonight. The last time a junior hockey game aired on live TV was believed to be back in 1972 when the District Drugs East End team played the Junior 50’s at the old Memorial Stadium. This was aired on the old CJON-TV banner.

Tonight history is going to be rewritten as Bell TV on channel 401  along with Bell TV1 webcast of the St. John’s Junior Hockey League 18th Annual All-Star game at the Jack Byrne Arena  at 8.00 p.m. when  Team Taylor vs Team Tobin, the top 50 players in the junior league will display their talents.

If you have a Bell dish or fibre please join in and watch this game or if not join us on the webcast at Bell TV1  LIVE WEBCAST and join us for the game. This is a great accomplishment for the promotion of our great game and junior hockey on our island.

George Bursell

Eastern Director Junior

President St. John’s Junior Hockey League.