Date of Birth: 19xx
Place of Birth: Bay Roberts, Nfld.
Inducted: 2008 (Builder Category)

A record of important contribution and decisions at the local, provincial, national and even international levels of hockey highlight the tremendous 37-year career of Wayne Russell of Bay Roberts. An exceptional individual who excelled in every aspect of contributions, he generated outstanding respect from executive members of a wide range of sports, especially hockey executives.

Extremely well-known and admired for the manner in which he performed valuable duties, he rose though a variety of important hockey positions and received a tremendous vote of confidence with election as treasurer of the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2005.

His unbelievable list of international activities includes the $110 million budget “Own the Podium” program directed at the 2010 Olympics in Canada, an initiative that he led as chair and filled the role of first president and CEO. He filled the most important role in bringing the 2008 World hockey championships to Canada, represented Canada at meetings in Spain that decided NHL players would play at the 2002 Olympics and was deeply involved in selecting the management and coaching staff for the 2002 team.

He led Canada delegations at four IIHL meetings, headed the Canadian team at the 1999 world junior championships and for five years represented Hockey Canada at several IIHF meetings and
at meetings with the NHL.

He served as Hockey Canada chair and was founding chair of its Foundation, chair of its Development Council, chair of its Finance Committee, represented it on the Canadian Olympic Committee Board, led its delegation to the 2000 “The Open Ice Forum” that examined the state of hockey in Canada. He made great contributions and exerted valuable beneficial influence on many, many hockey projects.

These activities were based on an impressive provincial background that started in 1969 and included successful coaching. His numerous contributions generated an extremely long list of personal awards and were very, very valuable to the benefit of local and provincial hockey.

He has simply been a great hockey person with exceptional important contributions.