Date of Birth: 1955
Place of Birth: Halifax, NS
Inducted: 2016 (Media Category)


Brian Rogers spent 41 years in hockey reporting and play by play announcing and he worked hard and successfully in the promotion of hockey. His obvious passion for hockey has been displayed on a continuous basis and has played a significant role in the success he has enjoyed within the province.

His first hockey involvement occurred in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as a play by play announcer and player. When he was appointed sports editor for the VOCM network within the province, his association with hockey continued. For 15 years he provided results and other stories every day during the hockey season, and hockey news and other aspects of the sport during the off-season.

For the past sixteen seasons, he has established himself as a well-respected and informed play by play announcer for Ice Caps games in St. John’s. During the current season, he has filled three important roles as the team broadcaster for radio, web and TV including hundreds of interviews, promoting hockey through the Ice Caps and their opponents, including opposing coaches and players.

His duties also involved videographer with the Ice Caps and hosting and producing nearly 100 videos promoting the Ice Caps. The videos had well over 90,000 viewers on the Ice Caps YouTube channel. While there are no exact totals for the AHL games he has broadcasted during his career, it is noted he missed only three of more than 1,000 games, one from laryngitis and two following the passing of his father during the 1998-99 season.

His activities have demonstrated that he is among the top five or six play by play announcers in Canada. Only fellow Newfoundland broadcaster Bob Cole out-talents him within the province and his overall capacity to provide accurate and enjoyable play by play ranks him ahead of many other announcers, including those in the NHL.

Brian Rogers is purely a fine hockey person.