Mike Squires

Date of Birth: 19xx
Place of Birth:
Inducted: 2004 (Builder Category)

An extremely large number of individuals had the opportunity to play and watch hockey because of the efforts and contributions of Mike Squires. An outspoken hockey “doer” who had a clear understanding of what was necessary to promote and provide hockey, he simply did the work that was necessary. In the true sense of the title, he was a hockey builder.

Because of his efforts and contributions, Mike’s Shamrocks came into being and they quickly became a force to be reckoned with at the provincial senior level. The manner in which Mike Squires operated the senior club attracted a large number of talented and skilled players and the team drew many, many fans both at home and on the road. The club peaked in 1979 when it won the Herder Memorial Trophy as provincial, champions and represented Newfoundland and Labrador well in national Allen Cup competition.

Based on the tradition that the teams and the players were “family,” Mike’s Shamrocks came to mean a great deal to those who were fortunate enough to be connected with it. In fact, in 2004, 25 years after the Herder victory former players held a well-attended, highly successful reunion to mark the occasion.

With the senior team as the organization’s crowning glory, Mike Squires established a much needed association that included a junior team in St. John’s competition and a minor branch that allowed a large number of children to participate. The junior club, also known as Mike’s Shamrocks, won the St. John’s championship three of the four seasons it existed and a minor squad emerged with a title from a Mount Pearl tournament.

While the teams achieved success on the ice, for ten years from 1978 to 1988, Mike Squires provided the leadership that made hockey possible to many individuals in a wide range of ages. He worked tirelessly, filling a variety of positions and accomplishing a variety of necessary objectives. He was the driving force behind the complete Mike’s Shamrocks’ project.

A good listener who seemed to enjoy the work and wasn’t shy about voicing his opinion when he felt it was necessary, he earned great loyalty from all those connected with the hockey project. He instilled a sense of self-satisfaction in those who worked with him and thus overcame any obstacle or problem that developed.

The organization was very good to a number of charities and generated interest and therefore ticket revenue for itself and certainly home revenue for other provincial teams as added much to the Herder Memorial Trophy competition. Mike Squires and his club were beneficial factors in hockey for ten years.