Date of Birth: 1930
Place of Birth: Donkin, Nova Scotia
Inducted: 2000 (Athlete-Builder Category)

During his 10 seasons in Newfoundland, Neil Amadio provided extremely important and beneficial expertise to every level of provincial hockey. His outstanding coaching and playing career included high-level achievements and contributions to hockey in Buchans, Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, Bell Island and St. John’s.

An extremely large number of Newfoundland hockey players were able to demonstrate high skills and knowledgeable playing ability because of Neil Amadio’s coaching. It should be noted that despite his competitive nature as a player and a coach, Neil Amadio always displayed the utmost in sportsmanship and fair play. He was a role model for younger hockey players and coaches and set a pattern of example that was exemplary.

From the start, it was evident that he was one of the finest players to compete in the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League. He was an all-star defenceman of the highest calibre.

But, it is as a coach, a teacher of hockey, that Neil Amadio had the most beneficial influence on Newfoundland hockey. His expertise was important at the senior level of the game but junior, high school and countless minor hockey players were better because of what they learned from Neil Amadio.

In 1955, he was assistant coach and captain of the Herder Trophy winning Grand Falls team before coaching Bell Island to the provincial B title in 1956. Grand Falls seniors, school and minor players benefited from his coaching in 1957 and he has a Jones Shield to his credit. He coached St. Pat’s to a Boyle Trophy win in 1960 and ‘61 while also coaching St. John’s junior and school hockey. Under his coaching, St. John’s won the Veitch Trophy in 1962, prior to playing with Gander in 1963. He spent the next three winters coaching all levels of hockey in Buchans.